Police warn of renewed rental scam | News – Arizona News

Police warn of renewed rental scam | News – Arizona News

BULLHEAD CITY — The Bullhead City Police Department is warning the public about a rental scam.

A local man trying to rent his home reported that someone fraudulently recreated his advertisement onto another website. The scammer then tried to obtain personal information and money by instructing prospective renters to pay for a credit report, down payment or Realtor service fees.

This same scam has been reported nationwide where scammers spoof legitimate rental or real estate listings, change the email address or other contact information, and place the modified ad onto another site. 

The local man was contacted by a potential renter who was suspicious of the fraudulent listing. 

“Fortunately, the potential renter did not send the scammer the requested rental application and moneygram for a ‘down payment,’ ” reported Emily Fromelt, the police department’s public information officer. “The man reported that a fraudulent post advertising his rental property, which included a fake contact email containing his real name, was published online twice.”

Fromelt offered some tips to avoid this scam. One is that being instructed to wire money is a huge red flag.

“Wiring money or using a prepaid debit card is just like sending cash. Once you’ve sent it, you cannot get it back,” she said.

Scammers also often claim to be out of the country and want you to send money overseas. 

“Don’t fall for a ‘landlord’ who says they are out of the country,” Fromelt advised.

Researching the property owner and listing also helps to avoid…

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