Review: Future & Migos at Ak-Chin Pavilion Phoenix June 28 – Arizona News

Review: Future & Migos at Ak-Chin Pavilion Phoenix June 28 – Arizona News

The people in the two cars behind me are on the verge of fighting. We’re all waiting to leave Ak-Chin Pavilion after Future’s set ended. The huge parking lot is bumper-to-bumper with cars. We’re all slowly advancing to the exit and cutting each other off to get out faster.It reminds me of an episode of The Amazing World of Gumball, in which the Watterson family is trying to find a parking spot and they have to fend off other cars lurking in nearby bushes like predatory cats. Every driver in the Ak-Chin lot is in that Jungle Cat mode – the blonde behind me pounced too soon and clipped a car to get her spot. Hence the screaming about bitches getting punched in the face.

The two drivers angrily shout at each other. The woman in the clipped car wants Blondie’s insurance information. Blondie doesn’t cough it up. Instead, she asks a bystander to send her a file of the video she’s taking of their encounter. Somebody in the clipped car hurls a can at Blondie’s car. Nobody ends up getting knocked out. They both return to their cars, simmering with anger. I watched the whole thing play out in my rear view; I’m amazed at how quickly the post-show bliss has worn out for all of us idling in our cars.

It’s fitting the show ended in a mammoth clusterfuck outside the venue because that’s exactly how it began.

Arriving at 7 p.m., I was stunned by how many people were already there. The Pavilion’s lot was almost full, and huge lines of people were waiting to get in the venue. The lines filtered inside slowly due to bag checks and pat-downs. One concertgoer wryly noted that he hadn’t seen half as much security at a D-backs game.

People seemed on the verge of having rage strokes in the…

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