The play’s the thing: Students learn about theater | News – Arizona News

The play’s the thing: Students learn about theater | News – Arizona News

BULLHEAD CITY — It’s unknown whether Happy and the Happy Club ever got Mopey turned around.

The Boys & Girls Clubs children didn’t get to finish their run-through of Jimmy Brunelle’s one-act play, “The Happy Club,” on Wednesday afternoon.

The run-through was an exercise in an introduction to theater course led by instructor Noah Tiffany, part of the College for Kids and Teens summer program at Mohave Community College.

Tiffany earlier in the three-week program taught the kids about the structure of theater and about various types of stages.

The students also learned theater terms and fun facts and heard anecdotes about Tiffany’s experience in theater.

“We’ve done a few things that hopefully helped them get motivated to (look at) careers in theater,” he said.

Wednesday, the group tried its hand at acting, assisted by Yhoalibet Keltner, from the club’s Leaders in Training course.

Marilyn Waite played Mopey who, anxious about an upcoming test, is living up to her name.

Enter Happy (Keltner) and the Happy Club. The group tried

rapping, dancing, a healing ceremony and positive energy to cheer up Mopey, to no avail.

Mopey has a few problems. She complains of numbness in her legs, an eye that periodically freezes and a stomach that always hurts.

Furthermore, she said, any happiness the Happy Club can generate is sure to be fleeting — she sees in her future a low-paying job, mosquitoes bound to give her at least six diseases and the explosion of the sun into a supernova, ending life on earth.

Mopey heard of the last event on TV and…

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