4th of July 2017 | Evening Times – Arkansas News

4th of July 2017 | Evening Times – Arkansas News

4th of July 2017

Times Outdoors Columnist This is the time of year, we celebrate the birth of the greatest nation in History. There are a few people that constantly say bad things and try to put our country down. I am sure there are many people that love our country and would gladly give these folks a ONE WAY ticket to Russia, China, or especially the Arab countries.

Foreign citizens beg and die to get into America. I can’t think of any group willing to die to get into these other countries.

With the wild weather and high temperatures, there have not been many outstanding fishing trips.

Either not many fish caught or my readers are not telling me about the hot spots. So, let’s then enjoy the 4th of July with all the parties and cook outs. Horseshoe Lake has many events that start on July 1, 2017, that is Saturday Morning, at Bond’s that involve both foot and bike races.

The Surf Club on the East side of the lake, has a fishing rodeo, corn hole toss, horseshoe toss, and a live auction along with water slides, concession stand, and American flag raising ceremony at noon. In the afternoon there will be horseshoe toss and a live auction with Mike Carter.

Starting at 6:30 p.m. the boat parade registration is on the west side of the lake at the Bonds Boat Ramp.

The boat parade and pier judging will begin at 7 p.m. The FREE FIRE WORKS show will start as soon as it gets dark.

This recent bout of rain and wind has caused a lot of damage locally, including trees blown down and branches being broken off.

I discovered a large branch broken off a maple tree next to the dog kennels that would require some chain saw work. I had not run my…

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