Ahwatukee businesswoman makes fun her job | Business – Arizona News

Ahwatukee businesswoman makes fun her job | Business – Arizona News

Candace Rice not only likes fun, but she makes it her business.

In January, the 11-year Ahwatukee resident bought and now runs Adventures 2000, a club that gives dues-paying singles and couples a chance to meet people through more than 30 events and activities a month, from outdoor activities and trips to bowling and wine-tasting.

The business suits a passion for the South Dakota mother of a teenage boy and girl: “I love planning events and parties and meeting new people.”

Rice’s business background contrasts sharply with her have-fun, meet-people enterprise.

She has been a director of marketing and vice president of credit for a finance company and a bank VP.

That background served her well in doing the due diligence necessary to buy the club, which started over 17 years ago as a singles club.

“I have had an eclectic career that gave me many tools to make the decision to buy the company,” she explained, adding that “assessing the risk from my banking days and seeing the potential though my marketing days” were major assets.

“I worked for a finance company for years and the owners’ love for small businesses wasn’t lost on me,” she said. “I have always loved the passion and challenges that I felt small business owners realized.”

At the same time, she added, a business “is something I wanted to feel.  Plus, I loved the idea of having my job be a hike or a float down a river or trying a new trendy restaurant.  I wanted my kids to see all the living there is to do in our lives.”

Rice was no stranger to the club,…

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