Celebrate Fourth of July responsibly | Local News Stories – Arizona News

Celebrate Fourth of July responsibly | Local News Stories – Arizona News

SIERRA VISTA — As Sierra Vista residents prepare to celebrate Independence Day, they should be aware that the use of fireworks in the city limits is strictly regulated and only certain kinds of consumer fireworks are legal in Arizona.

In light of high temperatures and dry conditions, it’s especially important to take common sense precautions and know the law so a well-intentioned celebration does not spark a dangerous fire.

“Under our city code, when an emergency response is required due to improper use of fireworks, the person responsible may be liable to pay for it,” Sierra Vista Police Department Public Information Officer Cpl. Tim Wachtel said. “Not all fireworks are legal in the first place, and the ones that are can only be used in certain locations.”

In Sierra Vista fireworks can only be used on private property, with the permission of the property owner. That means any public areas, to include parks, schools, streets, and public rights-of-way, are off limits for fireworks. It’s also illegal for anyone under 16 to purchase fireworks and for anyone under 18 to use them unless supervised by an adult.

“Many fireworks are still illegal in Arizona. This includes anything designed to become airborne and explode,” Sierra Vista Fire Marshal Paul Cimino said.

Bottle rockets, sky rockets, roman candles, helicopters, and jumping jacks are common examples of fireworks that are illegal statewide. Permitted fireworks include cylindrical and cone fountains, ground spinners, illuminating torches, and other types designed to…

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