Chef embraces ‘foodie’ self and career choice | – Arizona News

Chef embraces ‘foodie’ self and career choice | – Arizona News

LAUGHLIN — The Colorado Belle/Edgewater’s Chef Dewayne Rose isn’t afraid to admit to being a ‘foodie’ and insists he’s been one for his entire life.

Rose and his staff recently earned their fourth ‘Best Food’ award during the Chef’s Food Fest. They also won ‘Best Cocktail.” Much of what went into getting that win is credited from a long history of a love of food and learning at a young age how to cook.

Rose has worked on and off with the Edgewater for 10 years and has plenty of experience as executive chef and as a food and beverage director. He’s spent time in Las Vegas as a chef and has earned various awards throughout his career. The real story though is how he got to that point.

Rose said he grew up on the island of Jamaica. Growing up rural meant not having a store or fast food to go to when he and his friends got hungry, he continued.

His father was a farmer, growing a variety of cash crops including sugar cane and tobacco and raised pigs, goats, chickens and other animals, Rose said. One day his mom sent him, his brother and stepbrother with a food basket for all four to eat and have a picnic together.

As it turns out, Rose’s father was a bit of a jokester and teased Rose of not being allowed to have any of the food, Rose said. Turns out, Rose wasn’t joking. He became really upset and his dad told him that Rose must be a foodie because only a foodie would have reacted that way, Rose laughed. It became a nickname for him long before the term became popular, he added.

Rose said the residents of the community he…

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