Jumping Carp invade Horseshoe | Evening Times – Arkansas News

Jumping Carp invade Horseshoe | Evening Times – Arkansas News

Jumping Carp invade Horseshoe

Times Outdoors Columnist Asian or jumping carp have become a disaster for many southern lakes.

The initial introduction into the rivers and then into our lakes started in south Louisiana at a fish farm that was destroyed because of a hurricane.

That was approximately 12 years ago and the fisheries of many lakes have been destroyed. It is very common in lakes that are connected to rivers, not so much in protected waters.

Very recently, jumping carp are being seen and videoed in Beck’s Bayou at the structure where the amount of water coming into Horseshoe Lake from the St. Francis River is controlled.

Ronnie Tice, the professional crappie guide, videoed the fish jumping and swimming through the structure. He put that on Face Book and the fish have been seen by many people. I checked the site out on Sunday afternoon and the water level has changed. I did get pictures of fish going through the structure, but my pictures are not good enough to be definitive.

If the jumping carp get a foot hold in Horseshoe Lake it will be a disaster.

Not only will the game fishing be ruined, but the water sports like skiing and boat riding will become too dangerous to enjoy. These fish get up in the 30 pound range and the thought of it hitting a skier or just jumping in the boat is scary.

There are rumors going around about why the fish are able to pass through the water control structure and what can be done to prevent more fish entering the lake. The economical impact on Crittenden County and the Horseshoe Lake area will be disastrous and the property values of all the beautiful homes surrounding the lake will plummet.


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