Roof repairs force church to relocate services | The Verde Independent – Arizona News

Roof repairs force church to relocate services | The Verde Independent – Arizona News

The children in the Hilltop Christian School are safe and sound, but the roof and interior of the sanctuary at the school’s sponsoring organization, Faith Lutheran Church, needs prayers, and financial assistance.

Located at 2021 E. Fir Street in Cottonwood, Faith Lutheran Church, which was established in 1974 on the hilltop overlooking the northeast edge of Cottonwood, will soon be the site of significant mechanical activity.

Cranes and workmen will begin the process of removing the entire roof of the sanctuary and shoring up the walls to accept brand new trusses along with a new roof.

“The damage was restricted to the sanctuary area,” says Pastor Karl Schloeman, who, along with his wife Joanne, has been serving Faith Lutheran since 2008.

Noting that there was a design flaw called a “gusset failure” in original truss installation in 1974, Schloeman says, “Our insurance declined to pay. We have been left on our own to manage this challenge.” Part of the ceiling of the sanctuary was recently removed, exposing the impending roof collapse.

Insurance, citing the design flaw, paid only to build internal braces so the roof didn’t collapse completely. The church has had to relocate services into the Fellowship Hall to accommodate worship services. Faith Lutheran has been able to find funding to replace the roof through Lutheran resources, but the unexpected mortgage on the property may lead to the curtailment of some of the outreach activities. “We are committed to continue our support of community activities that we believe are critical to the spiritual wellbeing of any faith-based organization,” says Schloeman.

Faith Lutheran members…

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