Shame on them | Opinion – Arizona News

Shame on them | Opinion – Arizona News

Even though Cochise County voters told Cochise College when they voted down their bond proposal that they did not want their property taxes increased, Cochise College is raising property taxes again.

No surprise. However, what is surprising is that the 2017 Truth in Taxation Notice of Tax Increase is actually “truthful” and the tax increase is actually 2 percent and the actual increase in primary property taxes is $424,546. Based on tax rate information provided by the Cochise County Treasurer’s Office (2014-2.0329, 2015-2.1756, 2016-2.2860-2017-2.3735) and calculations made from the rate changes; the actual tax increase for 2015 was 7.019 percent (not 2 percent) and $1,375,811 (not $393,089).

Additionally, the actual tax increase for 2016 was 5.074 percent (not 2 percent) and $1,034,435 (not $407,579). You might ask how can this be?

Well, according to Property Tax Oversight Commission what Cochise College did was perfectly legal because “net assessed values (in Cochise County) declined in 2015 and 2016.” Legal, yes. Moral or ethical, you decide.

I believe it’s time for a change. Shame on President Rottweiler, and Directors Dennis Nelson, Jane Strain, David DiPeso, Danny Ortega, and Tim Quinn for increasing our property taxes. Shame on them for not being completely truthful about how much they are increasing our property taxes by.

Complain, good luck. DiPeso and Rottweiler might respond. However, don’t expect a response from any of the other Board of Director members. The one and only person I have contacted that even cared…

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