Baby boy abducted in Soledad found safe in San Jose – California News

Baby boy abducted in Soledad found safe in San Jose – California News

Soledad >> A father who was almost ready to leave for work Monday morning realized he forgot his lunch and ran back into his house, leaving his 1992 Honda Accord running with his 1-year-old baby boy strapped in a car seat.

When the father walked back outside at about 4:47 a.m., the car was gone.

Three hours later and 100 miles away, someone stopped in a public area of San Jose, took the car seat out and dropped the baby off on the side of the road, according to Soledad Deputy Police Chief Chuck Wasson. The exact location of where the baby was located was not immediately known.

Wasson said there are witnesses to the baby being dropped off. Someone called San Jose police and notified them of the situation, Wasson said.

“This is one of the good feeling days, when things worked out right,” Wasson said. “The child is safe, and the parents get their baby back.

“This is a win for us.”

San Jose police reported on social media that the boy will soon be reunited with his family, who are driving up from Soledad.

Police have information on the suspect and have issued a be-on-the-lookout. The suspect could face multiple charges including kidnapping, child endangerment and auto theft, Wasson said.

“They drove him 100 miles away from home before they dropped him off,” Wasson said.

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