Deacon’s first novel tells table’s timeless story – Arizona News

Deacon’s first novel tells table’s timeless story – Arizona News

So far, Dcn. Dennis Lambert is fulfilling his plans for retirement.

They weren’t by any means vast or deep. Dcn. Lambert simply sought more time to serve the Church. Additional time to write, even though he wasn’t an English major, was a side benefit. At 55, just two years into retirement, the Lord has provided.

En Route Books and Media, a small Catholic publishing company based in St. Louis, released the deacon’s first book, “The Table” in June and the words are flowing for additional works of Catholic fiction. Words are also flowing at church as the deacon continues regular parish duties. He was reassigned from St. Timothy in Mesa earlier this year to Corpus Christi to fill a great need at the Ahwatukee parish.

Either role has Dcn. Lambert constantly contemplating the faith and people in its history. That’s how the idea for “The Table” developed. He was infatuated with the centurion story from the Bible, particularly the one who says his servant is ill and, rather than welcome Jesus into his presumably messy abode, proclaims his faith in the Lord, “only say the word and my servant will be healed.”

Author: Dcn. Dennis Lambert

Publisher: En Route Books and Media

Length: 360 pages


“I always thought, ‘What happened to that guy after the fact?’” Dcn. Lambert said.

“The Table” isn’t specifically a story about that centurion — remember the deacon’s book is a work of fiction — but it is about a centurion who, following the death of Jesus, becomes the table-bearer. The actual piece of furniture was built by Jesus’ earthly grandfather, provided space for a play fort for the once…

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