Election integrity | Opinion | gvnews.com – Arizona News

Election integrity | Opinion | gvnews.com – Arizona News

Kudos to Arizona Secretary of State Michele Reagan for deciding not to comply with the Advisory Commission on Election Integrity’s demand that states submit their voter records for scrutiny on the matter of voter fraud.

The issue was a fool’s errand from the start merely to satisfy this president’s delusional paranoia over not winning the popular vote. Why should he assume that anyone voting illegally would only vote for the Democrats? It is just as likely that they would have voted for Trump. What then if, in the fullness of time, the Commission had been able to fulfill its task and find that Trump did not even win the Electoral College?

Hopefully other states will also decline sending their records and save taxpayers millions of dollars on this pointless endeavor – funds that can then be applied to something useful!

Geoff Knight, Green Valley

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