Faithful reminded freedom, prayer go together – Arizona News

Faithful reminded freedom, prayer go together – Arizona News

Even with some relief at the federal level regarding religious freedom, Americans, Catholics especially, must continue to pray and be vigilant to protect these liberties at the state and local level, said Auxiliary Bishop Eduardo A. Nevares at the annual Fourth of July Mass.

The liturgy at Ss. Simon and Jude Cathedral closed Phoenix’s observance of the nationwide Fortnight for Freedom. The faithful remained after Mass to offer a Rosary for the United States of America.

“Thanks be to God, much of the affront to religious freedom that the Obama administration was continuing to provide against the Church has now been suspended by President Trump,” Bishop Nevares said, noting the power of prayer. “Prayer is all important in this battle that we are in defending all our religious freedoms and religious liberty.”

However, he said, “the affront to our religious liberty and religious expression is not over. It might be paused from the federal government, but now it is being carried at the state and the city, county and local levels.”

The bishop recalled a presentation from Alliance Defending Freedom founder Alan Sears, who along with his wife Paula was recently invested into the papal Order of St. Gregory the Great, that provided a list of several of these cases of people’s religious liberty being attacked:

  • The Johansson family, whose son was taken from them when they landed in Switzerland because he was homeschooled, which is illegal in that country
  • Nadia Eweida, a British Airlines flight attendant who was forced to remove her crucifix while on the job
  • Stephen Tennes, a Catholic farmer from Michigan, who was prohibited from selling his products in a…

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