Fire Preparedness Town Hall Set for July 19 | News – California News

Fire Preparedness Town Hall Set for July 19 | News – California News

Following the cancellation of a previously scheduled town hall meeting on fire season preparedness organized by the City of Malibu, a new date has been set for Wednesday, July 19.

The original meeting was cancelled when two fires broke out on the same afternoon in the Malibu area, putting the need for fire preparedness into sharp relief.

“Wildfires are a real threat to people and property in Malibu,” Mayor Skylar Peak said in a statement provided by the City of Malibu. “When the two fires broke out, it was a powerful reminder of how important it is to be prepared in order to ensure the public safety of the Malibu community.”

The meeting will be attended by speakers from the LA County Fire Department, LA County Sheriff’s Department, American Red Cross, LA County Animal Services Department, as well as Malibu’s Public Safety Manager Susan Dueñas, and will serve as an opportunity for community members to meet and speak with Dueñas, many for the first time.

The city has announced the town hall will be the first in a series of public safety meetings to take place informing residents on diverse issues that may include earthquakes, terrorist or active shooter incidents, storms and flooding.

The fire preparedness meeting on Wednesday is expected to cover “what people should expect from the process of conducting evacuations and what steps they can do to prepare. It will address questions about when and how residents will be able to return to their properties, how sheriff’s deputies will ensure neighborhoods remain…

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