Mountain View joins climate-change coalition | News – California News

Mountain View joins climate-change coalition | News – California News

It took nearly 20 years of negotiations, but in December 2015 countries worldwide had finally brokered an agreement on tackling climate change. It was far from perfect, but the pact known as the Paris Agreement was hailed as a huge milestone for addressing the thorniest global issue of modern times.

But last month, President Donald Trump announced he was pulling the U.S. out of the agreement, despite the country’s position as the leading carbon emitter.

In response, Mountain View is now joining a coalition of cities across the U.S. that are pledging to uphold the Paris Agreement. The so-called Climate Mayors group, now joined by more than 330 municipalities, is a move of symbolic resistance, but it also commits U.S. cities to carbon-reduction targets.

“We remain committed to environmental sustainability, which is one of our four top priorities,” said Mayor Ken Rosenberg. “Mountain View will continue to work with local and state officials to support California’s global leadership in addressing climate change.”

For Mountain View, these actions are largely in line with the city’s efforts that were already in place, said Steve Attinger, city environmental sustainability coordinator. The city’s climate action plan approved two years ago aims to cut local carbon emissions by 80 percent by 2050. To that end, city-run facilities are switching over entirely to renewable energy sources, and officials have developed an ambitious long-term plan for further actions.

A similar effort is underway by state governors who opposed Trump’s pullout from the Paris Agreement. Califonia Gov. Jerry Brown has partnered with his counterparts in 11 other states to uphold terms…

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