San Francisco Bay View » Wanda’s Picks for July 2017 – California News

San Francisco Bay View » Wanda’s Picks for July 2017 – California News

by Wanda Sabir

Happy birthday, Sister Makinya Sibeko-Kouate. Happy first birthday to my grandson, Legend! Happy birthday to the Cancers and Leos: Karen Oyekanmi, Alison Gates, Marcus Lorenzo Penn, MD. We will miss creative artist, Geri Allen, jazz pianist (June 12, 1957-June 27, 2017). Read the NPR tribute. Ashay.

Geri Allen, here appearing at the Village Vanguard in 2011, joined the ancestors June 27. – Photo: John Rogers, WBGO, NPR,

What to the American Slave is Your 4th of July?

Each year, it is important to revisit this historic classic speech by the powerful orator, Frederick Douglass, delivered in 1852, stating, “This Fourth of July is yours, not mine. … You may rejoice, I must mourn.” Listen to James Earl Jones reading the speech (his and Danny Glover’s and Ossie Davis’s readings are posted below). In the San Francisco Bay Area, Michael Lange and James Brooks with Angela Wellman’s Oakland Public Conservatory would perform the work with jazz artists. Also in the Bay Area, we have a history of the Fourth of You Lie strategy sessions hosted by Nehanda Imara and members of the All African People’s Revolutionary Party.

What is freedom to the descendants of the formerly enslaved? What are the tangible changes less than 200 years later? In James Forman Jr.’s new book, “Locking Up Our Own: Crime and Punishment in Black America“ (2017), he revisits legislation and statutes which make Black exclusion illegal. He also shows how and why in Washington, D.C., for example, Black jurists and prosecutors are more inclined to come down more harshly on Black offenders.

Forman, the son of civil rights activist and Student…

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