Sedona Pathways Our Daily Journey: July 17, 2017 – Arizona News

Sedona Pathways Our Daily Journey: July 17, 2017 – Arizona News

There is generally a meaning of finality with the term drawing a red line and with the USFS it is no exception. Instead of words they use aerial bombardment laying down redlines of fire retardant where they want to stop fire and not permit it to cross that line. I took this photo this morning and I was north of Hwy 69 looking to the SW, west of Mayer and the fire was the Goodwin Fire. You can see the redline laid down at the base and near the base of the mountains and some homes just on the non-fire side of the line that were saved from destruction by that red line of retardant … pretty cool stuff.

Most of the planes that they use for the aerial bombardment carry 5,000 gallons or less; there are three DC-10’s that carry around 10,000 gallons and I got to see one in action a few weeks ago when it was dropping on a fire near Bumblebee … so cool watching a large jet like that doing low level drops. There is also a 747 that has been customized for dropping retardant and it can carry almost 20,000 gallons and do either one long drop or eight separate drops. I would love to see that one in action too and it should cut the cost substantially since you can do so much more on one flight. Unfortunately it does not seem to be recognized by the USFS as they are in the process of reducing the amount of retardant to a max of 5,000 gallons … like ??? (more polite than the three letters I was thinking of). Here is a link where the issue is discussed: Wonder if it is lobbying by the manufacturer of smaller aircraft, because it sure doesn’t seem to make sense. Kinda like…

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