Sours, Shabu and Salsa: Jeremy Saenz of The American Dream – California News

Sours, Shabu and Salsa: Jeremy Saenz of The American Dream – California News

Ask for a sour

Brian Feinzimer

When I dropped by for lunch at The American Dream last week, I learned a few insider tips about his particular establishment. First off, they’re the only full-service eatery inside Pacific City’s Lot 579. Plus, they’ve got their own bathroom for customers. Between that, 15 sours on tap(!) and a killer view of the ocean, I was seeing the appeal of this concept.

What sets you apart from other burger concepts?
There are a few things that set us apart from normal burger concepts. One is the quality of our product. We make sure to get the highest quality ingredients we can possibly find, so no matter what we make, everything we put in it is top notch. Another huge one is our staff, the Dream Team. We have held over 500 interviews  to nail down our staff of 45. We were extremely picky when choosing the Dream Team, and it definitely shows. Not only did we hire people with experience, we hired people with a passion and love for their work. The Dream Team is the best, and we’ve grown to be family. Another huge one is our beer selection; 60 of the finest craft beers you can find in one place. We choose to carry only independently owned craft beer companies, and are lucky to get our hands on very rare, small batch beers that you can’t really find anywhere else.

Where does your restaurant name come from?
The restaurant name actually isn’t 100% what everyone normally associates The American Dream with. Although I love the original meaning, my personal American Dream is much more simple. It’s just burgers and beers at the beach.

Name an indispensable kitchen utensil that isn’t a knife.
The most indispensable kitchen utensil isn’t…

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