Whittier Fire Expected to Move Downslope Tonight – California News

Whittier Fire Expected to Move Downslope Tonight – California News

Brandon Yadegari

Firefighters prepare to defend homes and structures in El Capitan Ranch.

Evacuation Orders Go Out to Avoid Conflicts

As of 11 a.m., Friday, July 14, evacuation orders were issued to residents living downslope of the Whittier Fire from Winchester Canyon to El Capitan Canyon, up from Calle Real. The evacuation orders are described as a precautionary maneuver by firefighters anticipating the advent of mild sundowner winds later this afternoon and tomorrow. “If the worst comes to worst and we find ourselves fighting the fire at Calle Real later tonight, we don’t want to be working around people who are just evacuating,” explained Santa Barbara City Fire Chief Pat McElroy.

McElroy estimated anywhere from 500-1,000 people lived in the evacuation zone. Phone calls have been placed to 372 phone numbers, and authorities are going door-to-door notifying residents it’s time to move.

The number of personnel fighting the fire has ballooned in the past two days from 600 to 1,240, said McElroy. He added that the resources made available to fight the Whittier have expanded exponentially as well. A dozen fire fighting helicopters are now engaged, he estimated, as four to five large air tankers plus a DC 10, known as LVATs, short for “Very Large Air Tankers.” The DC 10 on scene and is expected to be joined by another later this…

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