‘13 Reasons Why’ Netflix series prompts local conversations about suicide – Colorado News

‘13 Reasons Why’ Netflix series prompts local conversations about suicide – Colorado News

The ultra-popular Netflix teen series “13 Reasons Why” depicts teen suicide, among other tough topics, including bullying, rape, voyeurism, profiling, physical violence, drug and alcohol abuse and bystanding.

The story centers on high school student Hannah, who has committed suicide and left behind cassette tapes calling out those whom she believes drove her to her death.

Talk of the controversial show has been banned in many Canadian schools. The New Zealand Office of Film and Literature forbids those younger than 18 from watching the show without an adult present, and the Mesa County school district temporarily pulled all copies of the book that inspired the show.

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Local mental health counselors, school administrators and parents are concerned that “13 Reasons Why” does not offer enough solutions for help — although Netflix recently added numbers for suicide prevention at the end of the show and trigger warnings before some of the highly graphic episodes depicting rape and suicide.

“Netflix is an extremely powerful medium,” said Carol Johnson, community engagement and parent program coordinator for the Eagle River Youth Coalition. “The show tackles these really tough topics that create important conversations for parents to have with their children — and this is a powerful thing.

“(But) they have to be careful about how they depict their characters and take the show to where it is more teachable and offer solutions for help.”

The Eagle River Youth Coalition collaborates with Eagle County youth-serving organizations to assess prevention needs, coordinate substance-abuse reduction efforts and build strategic plans, programs and…

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