Are we almost at the one world government stage? – Arkansas News

Are we almost at the one world government stage? – Arkansas News

Are we almost at the one world government stage?

Local Commentary The reason that I ask that question, is it seems that all we hear about today in the news is Russia, Iran, Syria, and North Korea.

I do know that according to God’s word those areas of the globe are major players in the last days even though some of them have changed their names from what they were back in biblical days, also along with this group is the city of Damascus, Syria and several other areas in the world that we hear a lot about also.

We need to keep our eye on Damascus and Israel, those two will tell us a lot of what is about to happen. Those two will have major problems along with some heavy judgments when they get over into the Tribulation period. I know a lot of you that might read this don’t even believe that there will be a Tribulation time, or Rapture, by Jesus when he comes in a cloud and takes his Church out of the way of all the great trouble that lies ahead.

I know that this is America and you can say and believe anything that you want to. I don’t have a problem with you thinking that way, but it just doesn’t match up with my thinking, and we will both know the true answer to all of this one day. I believe it to be sooner that later but just maybe God might enlighten us with a great happening that could take place any moment, but I’m leaving all that up to you and him to settle that thought when the time comes.

I don’t believe that God wants you to do anything because you are sacred, because chances are that feeling comes from the mind, but do it because you want to have a way out of all of this that is coming and it was because of love when that time…

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