CANNABINOID 101: What is cannabis oil? – California News

CANNABINOID 101: What is cannabis oil? – California News

In 1986, then first lady Nancy Reagan stared into a CNN camera and spread across millions of homes her famous “Just Say No” campaign.

It was a campaign that warned of the dangers of drug use — especially for children — and included marijuana.

Thirty-one years later, the usage of medical marijuana has become a hot issue locally, in the state and nationally with those saying it’s medicine and those saying it’s a gateway drug.

Locally, the city of Imperial is drafting an ordinance that would allow the Imperial Valley’s first medical marijuana dispensary and as city council cautiously moves forward, many questions are being asked as to how it will operate, what it will provide patients, who will have access to it and much more.

On Monday, council had another workshop on the ordinance in which residents…

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