Editorial: Focus has to stay on the unfake ‘fake’ news | Editorials – Arizona News

Editorial: Focus has to stay on the unfake ‘fake’ news | Editorials – Arizona News

We never met with the Russians! This is a witchhunt and most phoney-baloney story the fake news has ever concocted!

Except for our former campaign manager, he totally met with the Russians since he used to consult with them. And the former national security adviser, the former foreign policy adviser, and the current secretary of state and attorney general. Oh, and we can’t forget the current senior policy adviser (who happens to be a son-in-law), the adviser and assistant (who happens to be a daughter), and a son (who has no formal role in the White House but did try to get dirt on an opponent for the campaign).

We find it baffling how, given the connections so many in the Trump campaign have with Russia, and the consensus of every American intelligence agency that Russia meddled in the 2016 election, that there are some people who still believe the White House’s assertion that there is no “there” there.

So here we are, with Donald Trump Jr. releasing a series of e-mails that show the campaign met with a Russian attorney in order to obtain information the Russians had on Hillary Clinton that would damage her in the 2016 run for the presidency and ensure Donald Trump Sr. is elected.

And despite the purpose of the meeting being right there in black and white, Trump, Trump Jr. and the White House all maintain there was nothing about the meeting that ties the campaign to Russia’s interference in our election.

Now comes word someone else was at the meeting. MSNBC interviewed Rinat Akhmetshin, who said he was there at the behest…

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