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pizza, community, live music – Santa Clarita Valley Signal – California News

Two things that Vincenzo’s Pizza owner Steve Katz loves are making pizza and making metaphors about making pizza.

“You could say we’re the pizza equivalent of the Lakers or the Golden State Warriors.”

If comparing Vincenzo’s Pizza in Newhall to two of America’s most storied professional basketball franchises seems a stretch, Katz has another comparison that at least is food-related.

“I like to think we’re the Pink’s of Santa Clarita,” said Katz, drawing a comparison to the iconic Los Angeles restaurant Pink’s Hot Dogs. “The community is really locked into Vincenzo’s.”

Evidence supports that claim, as Vincenzo’s Newhall has been named “Best Pizza” in the Santa Clarita Valley more than ten times.

“Someone has to be number one out here,” said Katz, who takes great pride in the authentic Neapolitan method with which all of Vincenzo’s pizzas are produced. This method, which harks back to Vincent’s Park Pizza, a small Pittsburgh-based pizzeria which inspired Vincenzo’s Newhall, features a hand-tossed “Napoli” style crust, brought by the Krauss family from Naples, Italy.

A Napoli style crust is thin in the middle and puffy around the edge. Granulated garlic is sprinkled around the edge of the puffy crust before baking to a golden brown.

Bob Krauss and his family moved to Newhall in 1978, and brought Vincent’s recipe. A year later, having changed his name to Vincenzo, he opened the restaurant at 24504 ½ Lyons Ave.

He and partner John Hudock expanded to other locations, which were sold to their operators in 1985. Katz bought the restaurant in 2013.

Through it all, the recipe remains the same. “We’ll serve you…

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