Tips to Flip Furniture on a Back-to-College Budget | Home Decorating – California News

Tips to Flip Furniture on a Back-to-College Budget | Home Decorating – California News

(StatePoint) College is an exciting time. Whether your child is starting as a freshman or returning for senior year, new friends, new roommates and new places to call “home” await.

Ease the transition and save money in the process by helping decorate their personal spaces using these DIY tricks. Instead of buying new, you can turn used furniture into stunning and sophisticated statement pieces perfect for campus life.

Finders Keepers

You’ve spent enough on books… how will you afford a bookcase or desk to hold them? For a great look without the hefty price tag, seek out items at flea markets, yard sales, thrift stores or simply ask relatives. You have a better chance of finding a one-of-a-kind piece, and you can haggle with the sellers for lower prices.

As you shop, don’t let a “fixer upper” scare you. Wood furniture, even with a few nicks or stains, can easily be refinished or repainted for a “furniture flip” that meets your student’s style needs.

Be Space Savvy

Chances are your college student is sharing a dorm room, apartment or house with at least one other person. Make the most of limited space by incorporating furniture that can pull double-duty. Instead of bulky chairs, grab a bench, which can offer both storage and seating. Nesting tables or stackable chairs are also a smart, space-saving investment.

Be mindful of purchasing oversized pieces that may crowd living areas or won’t fit through tight hallways and stairwells. Students running out of room can use spaces under beds, couches and other furniture for…

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