Will Long Beach become too cool for sea turtles? – California News

Will Long Beach become too cool for sea turtles? – California News

Today we’ve got good news and bad news, which sounds like a lame way to start a column, but it’s actually fairly rare. We typically go all-good or all-bad.

The good news is those mammoth and filthy-looking Alamitos Generating Station structures on Studebaker just north of Second Street/Westminster Avenue, are going to disappear pretty soon.

Frankly, that’s sort of bittersweet news to us because they’ve been there as long as we can remember, dependably producing electricity for us so that we could keep our air-conditioning on year-round allowing us to keep our home at a mild 52 degrees and allowing us to use our fire place every day instead of only firing it up in the naturally chilly months. Also, we have enjoyable memories of telling our children when they were small that the structures are cloud-producing machines and that they’re where the nation’s clouds are manufactured. We don’t look forward to the day when we’ll have to tell them the truth.

Also, we have happy memories of the day we we allowed to scamper around and climb to the summit in the plant. The place was steam-punk before it was cool.

Still, their disappearance comes under the category of good news, at least for people whose sensibilites are crippled by anything more unsightly than cool, burbling mountain streams.

On Friday, ground will be broken for a new, smaller, natural gas power plant to replace the old plant. It’ll be half the size and a lot more efficient, integrating solar and wind-generated power into its mix. And the Alamitos Energy Center, as it will be called, will not be seawater-cooled which, generally speaking, will be good…

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