Yavapai College gets new master chorale director | The Daily Courier – Arizona News

Yavapai College gets new master chorale director | The Daily Courier – Arizona News

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Darrell Rowader is the new director of Yavapai College’s Master Chorale.

Darrell Rowader is Yavapai College’s new master chorale director — again.

Master chorale is an advanced singing group. It typically consists of about 45 members and includes full-time YC students, members of the community and, occasionally, some talented high school students, said Craig Ralston, the college’s dean of arts and humanities. Membership is determined through auditioning.

The program has had several directors in recent years.

Rowader had been the director from 2006 to 2012, when he was laid off from the position following a change of leadership within the music department.

“[The new dean at the time] felt it necessary to change personnel throughout the whole department, as anybody can and would do sometimes when they come in,” Rowader said.

Since then, Ralston took over leadership of the department and two master chorale directors have come and gone.

“One started a different group and the second moved to Phoenix,” Ralston said.

The position was then temporarily filled by Yavapai College employee Arlene Hardy while the college searched for a new director this last spring. Rowader was the first candidate Ralston reached out to.

“We’re delighted to have him back on board,” Ralston said. “He’s just a very enthusiastic visionary musician and he’s exactly what we need at Yavapai College to take those next steps.”

Rowader has had extensive experience as both a performer and a conductor.

After a somewhat…

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