Area police crack down on motorists | News – California News

Area police crack down on motorists | News – California News

Motorists using Coastside roadways last Wednesday got “stepped on” by a safety program called Saturation Traffic Enforcement Program — or STEP.

The increased enforcement program that roves around San Mateo County resulted in 120 traffic citations issued last Wednesday in Pacifica and Half Moon Bay.

Motorcycle officers from 18 enforcement agencies spread out around Pacifica in the morning and Half Moon Bay in the afternoon.

Thirty-five people were caught speeding, followed by 31 motorists using their cell phone while trying to drive, 19 for seat belt violations, 13 for failing to stop at a stop sign, 11 for various equipment violations, seven for red light violations and two each for failing to obey a traffic sign and making an illegal turn.

Pacifica Police Captain Joe Spanheimer explained the crackdown:

“The goal of the collaborative effort is for cities to assist each other with enforcement as we all have resources that are stretched rather thin. Each city selects enforcement in areas where statistics show there have been a higher number of violations and those violations tend to be ones that are the primary factor in collisions. We also select areas with an eye on protecting pedestrian safety. The ultimate goal is to reduce the number of collisions and increase the public’s safety.”

Burlingame Police Department administers the program, with the blessing of the San Mateo County Police Chiefs and Sheriff Association, said Pacifica Police Chief Dan Steidle.

This is the seventh STEP enforcement event in San Mateo…

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