Eggs, Math and Great Coffee Are Served Up At Eggonomics – Colorado News

Eggs, Math and Great Coffee Are Served Up At Eggonomics – Colorado News

by Emily Kemme

Most days, I need a cup of coffee before attempting any sort of math problem, but at Eggonomics, even I, the math moron, get the connection. It’s helpfully spelled out on the servers’ T-shirts. The popular breakfast spot in Greeley on the corner of 8th Avenue and 9th Street, formerly known as Yolk, was required to change its name over federal trademark issues, but business is booming regardless. It’s all about dishing up the charm.

When faced with the prospect of renaming his restaurant, owner Tim Veldhuizen went young. His son came up with the winner, including the math equation to explain the solution:

“You take the square root of minus 1, which is infinity. Add a 2-cubed, which stands for         the number eight. And then you calculate the sum angle of an oval.” 

Confused? Don’t overthink it. All it stands for is: “I 8 sum eggs.”

The t-shirt worn by staff adds the quip, “And I liked it.”

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You’ll like Eggonomics, too, from the yolk yellow, egg-shaped chairs to the retro design details, punctuated with turquoise and paprika colored walls, pops of color on bright-white subway tiles and the in-demand Edison lightbulbs in fixtures created by Veldhuisen. The half egg pendants over the front bar area are pretty cute, too.

You’ll fall in love with breakfast.

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