Local quilter loves bringing her work to the Fair – California News

Local quilter loves bringing her work to the Fair – California News

For more years than she can count, Linda McCallum has been participating in the Redwood Empire Fair, creating and displaying her quilts – not for ribbons, but for her passion for the art form and the pleasure it brings her.

McCallum’s mother taught her how to sew, and like many girls she took homemaking courses throughout middle and high school, making all her own clothes as a teen. “It was worth it back then, when fabric was $2.98 a yard. Now it’s about $12,” she smiles.

McCallum believes she and her daughter are the first quilters in her family. “Years ago, I remember going to Connie’s Custom Fabrics. I happened to see a book entitled, ‘Quilt in A Day.’ I thought to myself, ‘By golly, I’m going to make a quilt today! I bought the fabric and the pattern, and quickly learned that you cannot make a quilt in a day,” she smiles.

In 2000, McCallum’s daughter joined the Grapevine Quilters Guild. “She suggested, ‘Why don’t you come with me?’ I said, ‘I’m not going to join one of those women’s groups,’” she laughs. Today, well over a decade later, McCallum can’t count the number of quilts she’s created and the number of friendships she has cultivated through her association with the Guild.

“I started out by making quilts for everyone in my family. My daughter had made quilts for her kids, so I created quilts for my son’s family. Pretty quickly, we became quilt-saturated. Now I make quilts for the love of it.”

Despite the fact that McCallum was an accomplished seamstress, quilting brought its share of challenges and required a new level of skills acquisition….

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