NetApp: Making Nerdy Look Good – Colorado News

NetApp: Making Nerdy Look Good – Colorado News

WORDS: Kimberly MacArthur Graham

PHOTOS: Dave Camara Photography

It’s easy to talk about the benefits of collaboration, integrated teams and adaptability. But when an acquisition occurs in the middle of the project, the amount and pace of change can test a team’s mettle. The team behind the NetApp’s new Boulder offices did more than survive. By staying focused on overall project success, they took advantage of a dynamic situation to create a unique environment that suits everyone to a T.

Elsy Studios was nearly finished with the design and ready to submit the plans for client SolidFire’s new headquarters – their third project together – when they had to reboot. Fast-growing SolidFire, which provides all-flash storage for data centers, had been acquired by data management firm NetApp. The resulting shift in brand, culture and personnel would dramatically impact nearly every aspect of the project.

With a hard-and-fast schedule of only two months (dictated by move-in dates), they had to reassess the project’s space planning and design. A newly integrated team of SolidFire and NetApp personnel worked closely together, with Elsy Studios Associate Cathy Loftus’ leadership, to determine their approach. A couple of initial decisions helped guide them.

They would redesign the 67,000-square-foot space they had chosen to house SolidFire’s new headquarters, rather than looking for different or additional space. Located on Boulder’s Pearl Street Mall, they agreed the space would serve the new company’s needs now and into the future. While everyone was behind it, SolidFire was especially passionate about staying on Pearl Street. It was an important part of…

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