Sounds of music! Birdhouses, wind chimes’ soothing tones | Get Out – Arizona News

Sounds of music! Birdhouses, wind chimes’ soothing tones | Get Out – Arizona News

Yard art is an easy and colorful way to liven up your landscape and add ambiance to your backyard, especially when cactus and other desert plants may be parched and pale in the Arizona heat.

Thanks to summer breezes, special garden features like wind chimes can enhance your time spent outside, adding relaxing and hypnotic background musical tones to any outdoor gathering.

And if bird songs are music to your ears, birdhouses make it possible to get a little closer to nature while adding a unique decorative touch to your outdoor landscape.

Wind chimes are collision instruments and can be as simple as an arrangement of pieces of metal, glass, bamboo or pottery that hang loosely together. Even the slightest breeze can cause them to tinkle and create sound.

Hundreds of wind chimes of all shapes and sizes, as well as unique birdhouses, hang outside the entranceway of Old Presidio Traders in Tubac. Just a slight gust of wind creates a symphony of sound as customers enter the shop.

“Some chimes are very subtle and decorative, but others like the wind chimes by Woodstock are actually tuned to produce actual musical notes and produce a rich sound,” says owner Gary Hembree. “Wind chimes can be just for decoration or they can be hung up as an actual instrument.”

Meredith’s Hallmark Shop in Green Valley’s Continental Shopping Plaza has a variety of professional musically tuned wind chimes from companies specializing in a particular sound or tone.

“These are very popular and really beautiful,” says Rachel Tabeling, a sales associate at…

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