Teachers learn new style of sharing science with students – East Bay Times – California News

Teachers learn new style of sharing science with students – East Bay Times – California News

LOS ALTOS HILLS — Greg Brown had been teaching science in the Bay Area for years when the idea came to him for a new style of teaching the subject.

Why not take classic science activities and add a twist — starting with exploration?

“Rather than telling it, let kids find out for themselves,” said Brown, whose colleagues describe as a local legend in STEM education. “A great thing about this new teaching style, you treat everything like a beta test.”

Well, the Next Generation Science Standards beat him to it, but his friend Kevin Brumbaugh from the Krause Center for Innovation at Foothill College was wondering how teachers were going to learn to implement the NGSS — the new method for teaching science hands-on.

From that interaction, MADE:Science was born.

With the help of Google classroom tech expert Rachel Freed, Brown — who has a background in engineering — and Brumbaugh designed the program.

Freed explained the program applies tech and mobile apps to enhance the hands-on learning, using slow motion technology and measuring devices to interpret trajectory and visualize testing.

“What does it mean to do science, to have a scientific understanding of something, to look at it through an engineering perspective,” Freed said. “Think instead of studying the concept of earthquakes, designing and studying shake-table buildings to withstand them.”

The program has teachers do classroom science experiments using scientific methods — collecting data and improving on the experiments’ design. Other than apps used for measurement, teachers will learn how to build websites, create videos and design games.

“We wanted this program to get educators…

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