Weld County Council will release audit without commissioner review – Colorado News

Weld County Council will release audit without commissioner review – Colorado News

Weld County commissioners appear to have lost the opportunity to review audit results related to their work after rejecting a proposed meeting from the Weld County Council.

Responding early Monday morning to an email from county commissioners rejecting the meeting last week, Brett Abernathy, chairman of the Weld County Council, said the council will release an audit centering on the work of commissioners and the county clerk Aug. 21 without commissioners reviewing it.

The audits, more than a year in the making, were sparked after employees, residents and car dealerships complained about wait times and office climate at the clerk’s office. There also was some community concern of commissioners’ treatment of county employees and unnecessary spending on conferences and travel.

Because commissioners rejected a council-proposed, 90-minute meeting to review audit results, which was to take place Aug. 15, they’ve essentially missed their opportunity for any review.

“We just want to check (the audit) for factual accuracy. I’ve never been in an audit where the group being audited doesn’t have a chance to review (it).

— Barbara Kirkmeyer, Weld County commissioner

Clerk and Recorder Carly Koppes, however, said she plans to be at that meeting.

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“If (council members) wish to review the audit, I’ll be there with a smile on my face,” Koppes said. “I’ll be there in the big conference room by myself, I guess.”

The council’s letter appeared to cancel the meeting altogether, but Abernathy said in a phone interview the council will honor the draft review process for Koppes.

When it comes to commissioners’ ability to review the audit, a…

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