What does the Republican Party stand for? – Press Enterprise – California News

What does the Republican Party stand for? – Press Enterprise – California News

The major political parties have been going through some soul-searching since the surprise election of Donald Trump — even Trump’s own Republican Party.

Last week, as Democratic leaders rolled out a repackaged economic agenda, we invited readers to send us their opinions about what the Democratic Party stands for.

Our new Question of the Week is: What does the Republican Party stand for?

Have Trump’s policies as president redefined what it means to be a Republican? Do Trump’s positions mesh or clash with the traditional positions of the Grand Old Party? Is he good or bad for the party in the long run?

With polls showing the Republican Party even more unpopular than the Democratic Party right now, must Republicans do something different as they prepare to defend majorities in Congress and most statehouses in the 2018 elections?

What does — or should — the Republican Party represent in California, where it is outnumbered in state offices? Do you agree with critics who say Assembly Minority Leader Chad Mayes, R-Rancho Mirage, failed to take a principled stand against Gov. Jerry Brown’s cap-and-trade environmental legislation?

If you’re a Republican, what do you want your party to stand for? Has the party changed since you joined?

If you’re a Democrat, what do think Republicans really stand for?

What would persuade you to vote Republican if you don’t already?

Have you switched parties, or gone from a party to “independent” or vice-versa?

What does the GOP-led Congress’ attempt — and, so far, inability — to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act (i.e., Obamacare) say about the party?

Have the changes in the political scene since the start…

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