What’s going on around here? – Arkansas News

What’s going on around here? – Arkansas News

What’s going on around here?

So, the other night, my son, whose home for the summer from college and has nothing better to, was sitting alone in the living room at 1:30 in the morning watching “Downton Abbey” (don’t ask me why…

he’s kind of weird), when the dog starts barking out the window.

Now, the dog drives me nuts. If you follow the Marion Police Department’s Facebook page, he was quite the Internet celebrity a couple of months ago on there for his escapeartist skills. But anyway, he goes to barking, and as much as I complain about him to anyone who will listen (or in the case of my wife and daughter, anyone who won’t listen), you’re never going to sneak up on us at home. If someone steps into our yard, He. Will. Let. You. Know.

So, my son gets up (probably to kick the dog) and looks out the window, and oddly, the front driver’s side door of his Jeep is open and the inside light is on. I can assure you, this is not how he left it. Now, he does leave the Jeep unlocked. It’s an older model and the locks don’t work, but he keeps nothing of value in it, so it’s usually fine.


Someone had obviously been in the Jeep. All of the other vehicles were locked, and therefore unmolested. My Dad once told me, “A lock will only stop a lazy thief.” And, well, I guess these were lazy thieves.

He said he saw a couple of guys walking out of the cove but they were too far away to really get a good look at them, and there wasn’t anything missing from the Jeep, but my wife insisted we call the police anyway.

They came quickly and took down our information, cruised around the neighborhood (not finding anything or…

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