6 sanity-saving tips to make college moves go smoothly | Family Living – California News

6 sanity-saving tips to make college moves go smoothly | Family Living – California News

(BPT) – Every year, thousands of young Americans move out of their bedrooms in Mom and Dad’s house and into a college dorm or off-campus apartment. In fact, 68 percent of students at four-year colleges and 56 percent of two-year college students either live on campus or in off-campus residences, rather than with their parents, according to the American Association of Community Colleges.

Making the move to a college residence can be exciting and frustrating, thrilling and nerve-wracking all at the same time. You may think you don’t have that much to move, but once you start packing boxes, you quickly realize all the details and moving parts involved in setting up your home away from home.

The moving experts at Penske Truck Rental offer some tips to help make college moves go smoothly:

1. Know your move-in date. Colleges establish dates when students can move into on-campus housing. If you’ll be leasing an apartment off campus, agree with the landlord and any roommates on a date for your move. Once you know when you can move in, you can start preparing.

2. Plan what you’ll take. College dorms are small and college apartments usually aren’t much bigger. Plus, you may be sharing your college home with others, so space will be at a premium. Make a checklist of essential items you’ll need to take, and plan to leave everything else at home. Not sure what to take? Collegeboard.org offers a handy checklist to get you started.

3. Reserve your rental truck. Pop culture would have you believe a bunch of plastic moving crates and the…

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