Ben Geren Golf Course reopens Willow course – News – Times Record – Arkansas News

Ben Geren Golf Course reopens Willow course – News – Times Record – Arkansas News

Ben Geren Golf Course will once again have 27 holes available to play today. 

On Tuesday, Jay Randolph, Ben Geren golf course superintendent, said Ben Geren will reopen the nin-hole Willow golf course to the public today. It was closed June 13 to convert the greens on the course from bent grass to MiniVerde Bermuda grass. 

“The greens are there,” Randolph said. “I mean, obviously, they’re new, they’re babies, so they’re just going to keep on getting better as the summer goes along, and it was kind of the same thing when we opened up Silo. In fact, Silo we opened last year on Aug. 19, and you know, so it hadn’t even been a full year yet since we opened Silo. …” 

Bermuda grass sprigging took place on the Silo nine-hole course in 2016, Randolph said. Ben Geren will continue to improve the Willow course in terms of quality of putting and other facets next year. 

Randolph said Bermuda grass greens are the right choice for Ben Geren Golf Course in terms of playability, wearability and cost savings. For instance, Bermuda grass is able to handle the heat better than bent grass, in addition to requiring fewer pesticides. 

“Right now, on everyone’s bent grass everywhere in the River Valley and in the South basically, bent grass roots, they aren’t as good in the summertime, so ball marks are a big problem on bent grass in the summertime, and with Bermuda grass you don’t have as many ball marks because it’s just more firm,” Randolph said. “The green’s firmer and the Bermuda grass has more of a resiliency to impact from a golf ball, so it putts truer in the summer time than bent grass does, you know,…

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