Consider a day in the life of a caregiver | Senior Living – California News

Consider a day in the life of a caregiver | Senior Living – California News

Among the myriad services provided at Senior Coastsiders, from lunch to exercise classes and computer tutoring to transportation, there is an additional aspect that many in our community may not be fully aware of.

Meet Tracey Gould, a member of our small team here at Senior Coastsiders. She is a truly dedicated care manager who has been helping seniors on the coast for almost 21 years. This title may seem broad, but her daily duties are also broad. Generally speaking, she supports the mission of Senior Coastsiders by helping older adults continue to live independently as long as they want to and are able to do so. This might mean providing advice on caregivers or housing, or helping arrange transportation to see a doctor, but she does so much more.

For a better understanding of an average day in the life of our care manager, consider this vignette. 

Gould’s morning starts before 8 a.m. as she confirms the count on the day’s approximate 45 Meals-On-Wheels recipients and catches up on the many voicemails left overnight. Following this, she meets with a client who has just moved from another state. The client has made numerous calls to Social Security to change her address and was expecting her Supplemental Security Income to adjust to California’s considerably higher amount. After many attempts to resolve the matter on her own, she is left utterly frustrated.

With Gould’s help, they call the local Social Security office and make arrangements for her to see a counselor the next day. She doesn’t drive, so transportation is…

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