Demonizing school choice does no one any good – Orange County Register – California News

Demonizing school choice does no one any good – Orange County Register – California News

In a speech delivered July 20, American Federation of Teachers president Randi Weingarten characterized the school choice movement as merely an outgrowth of segregationist policies.

Across the country, students, parents and teachers have seen the benefits of school choice. Underprivileged students who might’ve otherwise been condemned to underperforming traditional public schools have been given the chance to attend schools that will actually educate them. Parents have been empowered to choose the best school for their child. And teachers have been given more flexibility in teaching.

Somewhere in this, Weingarten sees the product of “an intentional, decades-long campaign to protect the economic and political power of the few against the rights of the many.”

Framing the fight over education policy as a David versus Goliath battle, in which the AFT is David and school choice proponents are Goliath, Weingarten sought to make the case that school choice is merely a means for wealthy privatizers to undermine public schools.

Arguing “the term ‘choice’ was used to cloak overt racism by segregationist politicians,” Weingarten seemingly wanted conference attendees to tie the word “choice” to “racism, sexism, classism, xenophobia and homophobia” which, she claims, are all forms of division created by the same forces behind school choice.

Such conspiratorial and convoluted rhetoric is nothing new from the teachers unions. The United Teachers Los Angeles recently attempted to peg two candidates for school board as puppets of billionaire privatizers intent on dismantling public schools. Voters didn’t buy the scare tactics and elected Nick Melvoin and Kelly…

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