Developer proposes 26 townhouses in Brookfield – Connecticut News

Developer proposes 26 townhouses in Brookfield – Connecticut News

BROOKFIELD — The town is faced with anothe development proposal that involves bypassing local zoning laws to build affordable housing.

A developer has proposed building 26 two-bedroom townhouses on 9.5 acres at 70 Stony Hill Road. The subdivision, called Pond Meadow Estates, would include eight affordable housing units.

The application is one of several developments recently proposed through state statute 8-30g, which allows developers to circumvent local zoning laws — with exceptions for health and safety considerations — if they set aside a percentage of units for affordable housing. The town is also considering 8-30g proposals for a 112-unit complex on Federal Road, nine units above a shopping center on Federal Road and a four-lot subdivision on Stony Hill Road.

A townwide moratorium on 8-30g applications went into effect last week, but all these proposals were submitted earlier and are not affected. Brookfield is one of 10 municipalities in the state where local officials were able to impose the moratorium after demonstrating that at least 2 percent of the housing stock is affordable.

First Selectman Steve Dunn said the Stony Hill project would not ordinarily be permitted under zoning laws.

“This, again, is another example of a developer using the 8-30g rule to put a development in that doesn’t fit with the neighborhood, is not in keeping with the New England nature of Brookfield and is just another way to make more money,” he said.

Developer LiQing “Danny” Lin, who owns the land, as well as the Koo and Kusulyn restaurants in Danbury, described the property and its pond as unique and appealing to nature lovers.

“It’s really…

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