Don’t bogart freedom | Columnists – California News

Don’t bogart freedom | Columnists – California News

Anyone else struck by the cold embrace of San Francisco city leaders of the mandate for legal marijuana?

Judging by the discussions taking place in city chambers in the Bay Area, you’d think politicos here came straight out of Amish country. They drag their feet. They wring their hands. Almost every utterance contains a subtext for curtailing the sale of the devil’s weed.

Californians came late to the marijuana party, but finally they did vote convincingly in 2016 to make marijuana legal to buy, sell and consume. Cities must now make their own rules by the end of the year, or default to the state. It’s a marvel to watch city fathers and mothers sweat bullets over how to carry out the mandate of the people.

Bay Area voters favored legal marijuana 80–20. Yet, the city where the Summer of Love sprang into consciousness 50 years ago is just now dealing with it. You’d think the city of flowers and peace would be tripping (and we use that word in a non-druggy sense) over themselves to usher in a free market for marijuana.

After years of defiant dope smoking, the city overlords now behave like recreational marijuana is a bad thing that’s to be regulated, contained and bloody well stigmatized.

Last week, for example, San Francisco supervisors approved a new Office of Cannabis. Don’t know who the city will get to head up the effort, but if the initial discussions are any indications, look for someone less like Snoop Dogg and more like Jerry Falwell, Jr.

Supervisor Sandra Fewer said she didn’t even want to vote on creating the…

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