Elote Cart Incident Shows Latinx Divisions – California News

Elote Cart Incident Shows Latinx Divisions – California News

Tuesday, August 1, 2017 at 6:45 a.m.

Anti-gentrification hero!

Screengrab from ABC-TV Channel 7 newscast

By Erik Garcia

When Carlos Hakas infamously shoved Benjamin Ramirez’s elote and raspado cart to the ground, it showed white Latinx attitudes towards the darker-skinned among us in action. Was it purely coincidental that the pendejo who confronted the elote man on a Hollywood street corner was an Argentine of lighter skin complexion? Was it coincidental that the foul-mouthed woman accompanying Hakas was also lighter than Ramirez? Not a chance!

Ramirez, a brown Mexican street vendor, became a target of the two and their snootiness. The mere presence of Ramirez’s cart offended Hakas, who claimed it blocked the sidewalk he walked on. It didn’t. Harassed before, Ramirez knew what to do this time in recording the entire confrontation and standing his ground. While the outpouring of support for Ramirez was wonderful to see, it’s important to understand this kind of thing happens on a daily basis—perhaps not as blatant, but certainly as detrimental to the Latinx community, documented or otherwise.

And the divide in the Latinx community extends beyond color. There is a clear tension between those born in the United States, and immigrants from Latin America; one that functions in turning communities against each other and stepping on others while climbing their way to get as close to privileged America as they can. Take the case of Raymond Herrera, a muy moreno Mexican-American Marine veteran that the Weekly‘s Mexican-in-Chief equates to a Mexi “Uncle Ruckus” (though, not even half as funny!). He’s been…

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