Families work through work-life balance | Community – California News

Families work through work-life balance | Community – California News

How do parents divvy up responsibilities for home and work in partnership? For some Coastside families, it’s been an evolution as their children grow and needs change.

This isn’t surprising as an increasing number of American couples share breadwinning and parenting duties.

Today, dads are putting in nearly triple the number of hours into childcare and more than double the number of hours into housework compared to what they did on average in 1965 (although nearly half reported they think they still don’t spend enough time with their children). And nearly three out of four households now have both working moms and dads, compared to just over half in 1970, according to Pew Research Center data.

Here, we catch up with fathers Chris Johnson and Ben Komins to see how they made it work with their families.

Chris Johnson and his 9-year-old son Maverick have recently returned from the adventure of a lifetime together. Traveling around the Northwest, they rode bikes, hiked and shared priceless memories. Johnson said he savors these moments.

“It’s the sweet spot of childhood,” said Johnson, who’s preparing to send his son off to the fourth grade this fall. “They’re old enough to take on a road trip … but they’re still that innocent naive child.”

Johnson said he and his wife planned years in advance of their son’s birth so Johnson could spend as much time with Maverick as he could.

“I had this vision ahead of time that this was going to be the most important job I’d ever have,” Johnson recalled. “I knew I wanted…

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