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Call to action

Dear Editor,

Owls and hawks will have to find somewhere else to live other than 34 80-foot tall cypress trees together in a row, 10 feet apart. The local school district ignores the plea of neighbors to “save the owls,” citing danger and liabilities and the economics of clear-cutting rather than following the heritage tree law.

They want to cut down all the trees at once, displacing the annual nesting of hawks and owls. Voice your concern by contacting the director of operations at Jefferson Union School District, John Schults.

Ken Armstrong


Death trap

Dear Editor,

My name is Eric Jacobson. I have been a Pacifica residence since 2001. I live on Forest Park Drive at the northern end of Palmetto. The reason for this letter to the editor is my great concern my wife and I have been calling a death trap for years.

The Manor Drive exit off Highway 1 South enters onto Palmetto Drive. The drivers who come off the freeway are doing freeway speed and do not have to stop or yield for the cross traffic on Pametto which does have a stop sign.

Here is the big problem: many, and I do mean many, cars are not familiar with that exit, slow down, and some even stop. Then the traffic behind also exiting the freeway are going too fast and it has been the point for many accidents.

If you sit in the Shell station parking lot on Palmetto for 10 minutes you will see two to three near missed accidents. This cross section needs a meter light to prevent more accidents. Two cars per light change would do fine. This is also a main bus line,…

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