Lots of changes at South Cove launch | Kingman Daily Miner – Arizona News

Lots of changes at South Cove launch | Kingman Daily Miner – Arizona News

Photo by Don Martin.

The launch area at South Cove on Lake Mead is changing.

If you are one of many local boaters or anglers who use the launch ramp at South Cove on Lake Mead, you need to be aware of some changes that have occurred there recently.

The first is the launch area itself.

Due to lowering water conditions, boaters and anglers are now restricted to launch and load from a single spot.

The National Park Service has moved several concrete barriers to delineate the spot.

They have placed huge boulders across the rest of the ramp to prevent launching in other areas.

There are other preformed concrete slabs stored on the ramp that the NPS is going to put into place as the water continues to drop.

The only bad thing about this that I see is that now launching is limited to just one boat at a time.

And here is another issue.

Recent torrential rains washed a lot of boulders, sand and debris into the area where the launch barriers are located. Now the area on the right side of the launch ramps has filled in some, making it a shallow water launch.

I have called and left a message about the situation with the NPS in Boulder City.

The rains also resulted in a lot of debris, including logs, branches and other wood being washed into the lake.

Recently the dock area at South Cove was completely surrounded by this debris. It is expected that this debris will disperse in the next week or so, but boaters and anglers should be careful when operating on this end of the lake.

Kudos to the Lake Mead staff for removing the rocks and…

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