Protesters gather to oppose water bill – Santa Clarita Valley Signal – California News

Protesters gather to oppose water bill – Santa Clarita Valley Signal – California News

About a dozen protesters staged a demonstration on Tuesday in Santa Clarita against a state senate bill promising the creation of one water district for the Santa Clarita Valley.

Picketers waved handheld cardboard signs at passing motorists that read: “Save our water, Call for an audit, Just say no to SB 634, No backroom deals and We demand a vote.” They were positioned outside the local offices of the bill’s author Senator Scott Wilk located in city hall.

Some motorists honked their horns but virtually nobody stopped to listen to the concerns of the protesters.

More than half a dozen activists used a bullhorn in turn to express themselves to each other and to four reporters.

“The Castaic Lake Water Agency is $300 million in debt and we’re worried what’s going to happen with our groundwater,” said protest organizer Lynne Plambeck, who is a board member of the Newhall County Water District.

Drawing attention to a map of the Santa Clarita Valley mounted on an easel, Plambeck pointed to an area where 21,000 homes are planned to be built as part of the Newhall Ranch project.

“They (CLWA) will automatically be able to pump groundwater here,” she said tapping an area west of Interstate 5 and south of Highway 126 on the map.

No backroom deals

Logan Smith, a young man who recently announced plans to run for a seat on City Council next year, called the proposed water district bill “an assault on democracy,” saying the issue should be put to the people for consideration.

“If you knock on any door in Santa Clarita and ask ‘Do you want your water rates to go up?’ or ‘Do you want 21,000 homes to be built?’ I think you’ll get a…

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