Through the Years in the Reveille | Opinion – California News

Through the Years in the Reveille | Opinion – California News

A look back at Cloverdale’s past though excerpts from Reveilles gone by…

August 3, 1917 – 100 years ago

Thursday afternoon Cloverdale had her first court trial by a jury composed of women under the new law that went into effect last Friday. A tailor engaged in business in the Weston building was arrested upon complaint and charged with maintaining a nuisance. The nuisance complained of was due to the method commonly used in cleaning clothiers, i.e. gasoline. The fumes released were alleged to not only endanger adjoining property, but were distasteful to those living in the neighborhood. The justice issued a venire of 15 Cloverdale women, and placed it in the hands of the constable with instructions to those summoned to appear in court at 2 o’clock Thursday afternoon. The jury bought in a verdict of not guilty.

30 Ford cars have been sold to Cloverdale residents.

July 27, 1967 – 50 years ago

The California Division of Highways plans to restripe West Street (Cloverdale Boulevard) to permit left-turn lanes at major intersections.

The fifth electrical power generating unit at the Geysers is scheduled to go online in June 1971.

Chances are that the Warm Spring Dam project west of Cloverdale and Geyserville may be completed on schedule in 1972 were increased last week when a House committee voted an additional $151,000 for the project. The committee action is a most important step forward toward flood control in the Russian River basin and will provide a much needed shot in the arm for the economy of all of Sonoma County


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