Woodside: Diners give first impressions of new restaurant | News – California News

Woodside: Diners give first impressions of new restaurant | News – California News

It was only its second night in business, so few were willing to jump to any conclusions after having had dinner July 25 at the new Village Bakery & Cafe in Woodside.

However some of the diners exiting the new restaurant on Woodside Road (across the street from Roberts Market) were willing to give their initial impressions.

Overall, the meal was positive, said Suzanne, a Woodside resident. The avocado toast was lovely, though the pizza was not up to what’s served at the Village Bakery’s sister restaurant, Mayfield Bakery & Cafe in Palo Alto, she said. “We’re looking for more creativity,” she said, and a children’s menu like the one at Mayfield.

(San Francisco-based Bacchus Management Group owns The Village Bakery and Mayfield and seven other restaurants, including The Village Pub in Woodside and Spruce and The Saratoga in San Francisco.)

Suzanne’s companion, Darrell, described the Wagyu steak as “excellent,” but said he considered the menu to be truncated. “We’ll probably come back in a couple of weeks and give it another shot,” he said.

“It’s fantastic,” said Michael from Mountain View when asked for his reaction to dinner. “The food is solid.” He said he had the salmon, at the bar so he needed no reservation. “Very tasty,” he said.

“It was fantastic,” said a Woodside resident getting into his car and apparently not interested in a long conversation. “The food was great.”

The service was slow, the wine steward was fun to talk with, and the salads were “ample and very nice,” said Betsy from Portola Valley. She said she liked the salmon, but that the bread, while wonderful, was “ridiculously expensive.” It was a nice atmosphere and a good effort, she…

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